(To be held by Julie @14:00 in the #jam-voice channel)

<aside> 🎉 Welcome


Hi everyone and welcome to the first Alloverse VR Jam! My name is Julie and I am your host for this event and also, happen to be Alloverse's CEO. We are so thrilled to have you here! Today, we'll make some friends, perhaps group up, and build Alloverse VR apps using our APIs to explore the frontiers of spatial collaboration!

<aside> 🙂 Introduction


First thing first; who is behind Alloverse?

Some of you know us personally, some don't. So here's a quick round of introductions of our core team:

The five of us will be available here most of the time during the hack for moral- and tech support. Should you ever feel unhappy about the way things are developing during the weekend - reach out!

On that note, I'd also like to remind everyone that we have a Code of Conduct, which is available to read on the documentation page: docs.alloverse.com.

Besides the founding team, we have another 3 wonderful ladies in the Alloteam: